Tender Corporation Announces Adventure Ready Brands As New Name

June 9, 2020

Adventure Ready Brands

Tender Corporation, which markets a range of best-in-class first aid, insect repellent and outdoor recreation products, announces today that the company will be doing business as Adventure Ready Brands in order to align more closely with the company’s mission to inspire outdoor adventure.

“Adventure Ready Brands is about helping people get out and enjoy all types of outdoor activity in a safe and prepared way,” says Senior VP of Marketing Garrett Cox.  “Our new name better reflects our team, our mission and our commitment to expanding our brands to help more consumers fully enjoy the outdoors.”

Adventure Ready Brands will build upon Tender Corporation’s heritage of providing innovative, high-quality products.

Portfolio of brands: Adventure® Medical Kits, After Bite®, Ben’s®, Counter Assault®, Easy Care First Aid®, Genuine First Aid®, Natrapel®, QuikClot®, RapidPure®, Ready 4 Kits®, S.O.L. Survive Outdoors Longer®, The Itch Eraser®.

“Over the last year, we’ve significantly enhanced our marketing team, bolstered the strength of our own brands and acquired other brands and companies that fit within our portfolio. It made sense to better communicate our purpose and mission with a new company name that reflects who we are and what we do,” says Adventure Ready Brands CEO Chris Heye. “In addition to driving aggressive growth through new product innovation, Adventure Ready Brands continues to seek to acquire authentic brands and businesses that can benefit from our global distribution and deep expertise in outdoor products.”

Following its acquisition by Victor Capital Partners in January 2019, the company expanded its portfolio with the acquisitions of Counter Assault®, Bushwacker®, Advanced Products® and RapidPure®.

Learn more about Adventure Ready Brands and its portfolio of outdoor brands at www.adventurereadybrands.com.

About Adventure Ready Brands: Founded in 1973 in the heart of New Hampshire’s iconic White Mountains, Adventure Ready Brands has always operated with a simple, unified goal: To inspire outdoor adventure, no matter the condition. With innovative products from the organized-by-injury Adventure® Medical Kits to the category-leading After Bite® insect sting treatment, Adventure Ready Brands has—and continues—to make good on that promise. www.adventurereadybrands.com

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